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DenShir Protocol & Leadership Consulting, LLC (DPLC), offers a lifetime of etiquette, leadership, and social skills.


About Anchor



The creation of DenShir has a profound meaning. It derives from inspiration, the appetite for learning, sharing acquired knowledge, and also from Dr. Shirley A. Linzy, DNP, RN, LADC, my mother who is no longer with me as she was resilient, vocal, an educator, and passionate about making a difference for others. She taught me to stay focused, learn, and share. 



“Den” is the prefix of my name - it is a type of network that is managed from a central location, while “Shir” the prefix of my mother’s name is meant to build relationships that can grow and come together in unity.

Our goal is to develop the minds of everyday leaders and followers to be innovative and open-minded to enhancing the skills they already possess. We plan to teach our clients that learning the rules of etiquette and protocols can lead to being an effective leader. 


Dr. Denise Green, President, Founder & Owner of DenShir Protocol & Leadership Consulting, LLC (DPLC) a full-service provider of etiquette & protocol intelligence, leadership methods, dining, and social awareness from adolescents to top executives, businesses, and non-profit organizations.


Dr. Green has 30 years of experience with one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. She is a results-driven and versatile professional in operations management and has the understanding of identifying development opportunities that can make a difference in the lives of individuals to enhancing business initiatives. She trained and coached internal and external commercial, large corporate, and small business clients on transactional defects and operations management.


She holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degree, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. She passed the Oral Defense completed and published her Dissertation entitled:

E-Leadership: The Transformation of Traditional Leaders in Financial Servicing: An Exploratory Qualitative Case Study.


Dr. Green was inducted into the Honors Society and a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. In addition, she is trained and licensed by The Protocol School of Washington, the nation’s leader in etiquette and protocol services. She also volunteered as an instructor for Junior Achievements -Naperville, IL teaching life skills and financial literacy to K-8. Dr. Green’s hobbies are reading, traveling, researching, line dancing, and spending time with close friends and family. Her hometown is in the Greater Chicagoland area.

Our Mission Statement

To develop the minds of everyday leaders and followers to be innovative and open-minded to enhancing the skills they already possess by engaging in custom-built training programs of business etiquette and protocol techniques, as well as developing awareness to leadership and technology integration in the highest professional manner.

Our Vision Statement

To improve, broaden the knowledge and skills developing the personal qualities in one’s life at all levels. To raise the inclusion into leadership paradigms that introduce leaders and followers to a new pathway into the benefit of honing strong relationships while mastering leadership abilities, protocols, and the advancements of information communication and technology.

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P . O . Box 9063

Naperville, IL 60567

(630) 447-9060


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