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"A Lifetime of Etiquette, Leadership, and Social Skills"

Our goal is to develop individuals to be innovative and open-minded to enhancing the skills they already possess.


We plan to teach our clients that learning the rules of etiquette and protocols can lead to being an effective leader.

Our customized training classes are tailored to meet the needs of our clients ranging from adolescents to top-level executives.


You will put into action: 

Etiquette & Protocol Intelligence

Leadership Skills

Dining and Social Awareness

It can include a 3 or 4-course meal guaranteed to heighten your performance and bring forth your hidden talents.

*last updated 6/2024

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Act Today!

Acquire the polish of a knowledgeable, world-class leader

Thank you and we appreciate your interest in DenShir Protocol & Leadership Consulting.
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President & Founder

Dr. Denise Green, DM

Trained by the Protocol School of Washington  

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